15 Feb 2019

Turning of the Year

Submitted by geobug

I know it's February and a little late for a year-in-review kind of deal, but I suddenly looked behind me and realized how much had actually happened in 2018. It's funny because I get to thinking that I haven't been doing very much, not thinking about my field enough or forwarding my skills. I expect everybody feels that way from time to time. But when you sit down and really look at it, you can surprise yourself.

I launched a web app...

3 Oct 2018

I'm working with a colleague to set up a local meetup for women in Spatial Science on GIS Day this year.

It's not just for women. If you're a male GIS professional interested in promoting gender balance in the industry, please join us. The reason I'm inspired to give this meetup a women-in-GIS focus is because our industry isn't particularly gender-balanced. Depending on which survey you read, women make up about ~45% of the industry. In developer and managerial roles, it's more like 20%.

22 Jul 2017

At my day job, I work with field scientists who work in some pretty remote places, and one of the things I'm frequently asked to do is to put a UTM grid on maps they'll take out with them into the field. Adding any kind of measured grid to your map document is a breeze in ArcMap. And if you're using data driven pages (DDP) and your pages are all the same scale (or nearly so) then you needn't take any further steps to accomplish your goal.


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