22 Jul 2017

At my day job, I work with field scientists who work in some pretty remote places, and one of the things I'm frequently asked to do is to put a UTM grid on maps they'll take out with them into the field. Adding any kind of measured grid to your map document is a breeze in ArcMap. And if you're using data driven pages (DDP) and your pages are all the same scale (or nearly so) then you needn't take any further steps to accomplish your goal.

21 Oct 2016


Submitted by geobug

I did a presentation this week at my local GIS user group meeting. It was on customization options for Data Driven Pages in ArcGIS; I'm sure you're shocked at my choice of topic.

I had some power point malfunctions, which were kind of unfortunate (why does it never go smooth?) but we worked through it. The audience was pretty supportive despite the totally lack of the demonstration videos that I had so carefully put together, and I made it through. Folks asked good questions.

6 Oct 2016

This is a bit of an extension on our last conversation regarding exporting data driven pages (DDP), but there's enough to talk about here that I thought it warranted its own post. Let's address how you go about manipulating layout elements with respect to your DDP setup.

Here's a use case scenario. Remember our map book of brewery locations? We were using data driven scale in that example, and that means the scale bar is going to change from page to page. Let's suppose we want some control over the scale bar settings on each page.

20 Jun 2016

Python for Pipsqueaks

Submitted by geobug

This is not strictly a geographically-related post, but I love all things python and suppose that you might as well.

I found a kid's book on learning python for application in Minecraft this morning. I have a nine-year-old at home and while he's a pretty studious little fellow in general, any sentence with "learn" in it will undoubtably be received with more enthusiasm if it also has the word "Minecraft" in it.

29 Apr 2016

This is a nitty gritty post regarding the arcpy package for ArcGIS. If that doesn't interest you, feel free to wander off and get yourself a sandwich or something.

An arcpy question popped up over on gis.stackexchange about how to sort an attribute table by one field, and then add sequential numbers to a second field based on that sorting.

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