3 Jun 2016

Fun Stuff for Friday

Submitted by geobug

A little bit of fun stuff for Friday afternoon.

First, if you didn't happen read xkcd this week, you should check this out. Almost all we do is historic maps at my office, so everybody got a kick out this:

And next, if you want to remind yourself of the dangers of the Mercator projection, pop on over to thetruesize.com. (Spoiler alert: we're not as big as we think we are...) Everybody at the office spent a good amount of time playing with this one too.

I said to my boss, "Too bad you can't pick different background projections to compare against."

He says, "I bet you could build that. All you'd have to do is-"

I glanced at my monitor full of javascript that amounts to a half-working web app and stopped him right there. "Really, I'm good."