31 Dec 2017

Geo Resolutions

Submitted by geobug

And here we are into another year.

I had some professional resolutions in 2017, which I somehow pulled off. I wanted to get my GISP, which finally came through in July, tra-la, tra-la. And I wanted to start a geolibrary at the office, which we kicked off on GIS Day this year. My initial booklist is below if it interests you. Geoawesomeness has a list of books, you should read in 2018, and I think I’m going to track a couple of those down so we can expand.



Out of the ArcBox

2017 saw an unexpected shift in the way I see myself fitting into my profession. My focus in the last few years has been on the developer edge. I’ve been taking JavaScript classes and reading python books, building web apps and trying to get to a place where I’m sort of at peace with ArcGIS Pro (work in progress there...) Then in September, I suddenly found myself in a supervisory role holding a toolbox with all the wrong sorts of tools in it.

It feels a little like realizing that you have been hand-placing annotation on a map in the wrong projection. I need to look at everything from a slightly different angle now.

So, 2018... I’m looking towards resources that will make me a better teacher and a better leader. (Now accepting suggestions...)

I’m trying not to look at it as trading in one set of dearly acquired tools for another, though I think I have to accept that I’m not going to be able to play with my old toys as much if I want to do my new job well. And doing my new job well is really important so that has to be the priority.

So here’s to 2018, as the world gears up for another trip around the sun. May we map it well.