21 Oct 2016


Submitted by geobug

I did a presentation this week at my local GIS user group meeting. It was on customization options for Data Driven Pages in ArcGIS; I'm sure you're shocked at my choice of topic.

I had some power point malfunctions, which were kind of unfortunate (why does it never go smooth?) but we worked through it. The audience was pretty supportive despite the totally lack of the demonstration videos that I had so carefully put together, and I made it through. Folks asked good questions.

If it interests anyone, my slide deck is available here. My presentation methodology is to do the talking myself and let the PowerPoint just manage the pretty picture part, so it may be kind of cryptic on its own, but as always, I'm happy to answer questions, and post-presentation, I recorded an audio track for the demo videos and posted them in an accessible location, so at least that situation has improved.